Name Shadows – Day 4/365

There are these named “they” sitting in the shadows, spewing out names.  It is their job to call others names.  Under the guise of criticism, they justify the action.  When faced with the truth of the abuse they commit, they do it more often, slinging names with such passion one has to wonder if they know of anything else to do.  Do not buy into the names.  Understand that this is just cruel, mean and unprofessional.  It is a character statement, sort of like a business card.  The kind of card that you walk past and avoid collecting.  It is abuse.  Criticism will state something that is actionable.  Name calling slings mud.  One you can work to improve with and the other leaves you feeling hurt and blue.  This is not the time to find out why.  Instead, it is the time to just walk away and say goodbye.  


Face This – Art Exercise Day 3/365

Growth sometimes requires that we face ourselves, like looking in a mirror except the reflection is not our outward appearance.  We see things we admire and love.  We are heart broken when we realize we are not who we thought we are and try to find ways to argue why or force ourselves to ignore it, pretend it is the way we want it to be and carry on.  We need to face this.  Painful?  Yes it is.  Yet, there is freedom held deeply within.  Facing this forces us to admit or acknowledge these not so wonderful things about ourselves and make a choice on where we will go in the future.  We are who we are, but we also have amazing capacity to change.  Change starts with admitting and is followed by action.  Don’t let anyone tell you that it is not possible to change.  It is, if you are willing to face this.


The Day – Art Exercise Day 1 of 365

Sometimes we just need to be and to accept life for what it is. We can be no one else but ourselves. The Day is just simply a day. Being, it is what we do without even trying or realizing. Many argue if we still exist after our physical death, but why worry. Isn’t it better to live each day filled with the treasures of our choices, the lessons our paths provide and the wisdom given by our moment by moment experiences?

To Twitch or Not To Twitch….

This is the first test of the stream.  While I have been home sick instead of going crazy at work, I have been working diligently on understanding live streaming.  I figured out the profile in between naps and yesterday finally figured out how to use the broadcasting software to actually create a test stream.  The painting in here really is nothing amazing, just a doodle if you will or a digital painting exercise.  It has been a while since I used my tablet.  I was very rusty with how ArtRage worked.

There are a few issues I need to work out, for instance the volume of my mic seems to be a wee bit low.  I need to play with the settings.  I also need to practice streaming.  It is strange talking to my laptops as I work.  In fact, there are points where I am struggling to talk and work at the same time.  Practice will help with that issue.  Now I need to figure out the widgets that people use that make all the lovely pop ups of those who interact with the stream at different times.  From there I can work on creating an overlay and working on my stream’s formal graphics.

The plans for this stream are actually a combination of both digital related arts and my actual real life paintings.  I need to purchase a dudad that will allow me to connect two cameras to my laptop as I am streaming so I can have one on my physical real life work versus the digital work displayed on my screen.  For now we will start with the digital work and good thing.  It is the easiest to do and I have plenty to work on while saving for the dudad.  I have two sets of logos to complete, several digital art paintings, some textures to do and Second Life system clothing needs to be turned into mesh clothing.  Second Life is not allowed on Twitch, but creating mesh for it is allowed.  I just have to ensure there is no nudity on the stream, which is fairly easy since it is clothing that I am creating.  For testing the clothing, I still need to check on options with Twitch to find out if they will allow my work around.  I do not want to start my Twitch experience with a ban, however, I am a renegade so pushing the line is one of my things.

Send me your thoughts, suggestions, ideas on things you would like to see me do, etc.  I need help getting this going right now.